The pullover! The knit/crochet sweater, perfect for those lazy cold days when you just wanna throw something on and head-off. I’d preferably pick ones in a neutral or nude color so it matches with anything! Also, crochet/knit details are perfect for that extra umph! 

I’m all for wearing shorts, no matter what the season! But my pick for BER months, would be high waist shorts, especially the leather ones! It’d be too hot to wear those during the summer.

Lately I’ve been endlessly searching for low-heeled lace-up booties that would be perfect for school, or any day out. These would go great with shorts and a pair of socks, or even a dress! Lace-up wedge booties go with practically everything, actually! Plus, you can walk in them comfortably ‘cos of the wedge heel.

Things to wear

Yes, I love anything and everything pink! My bipolar style says so, as I can go grungy one day, and dainty the next. Or mix-up both! So my 4th pick for the BER months would be a ballerina skirt! Perfect for those days when you just want to bring out that girl in you. This would go great with any top, even a sweater! And would match with flats, or sandals, or even boots!

I’ve been wanting this envelope clutch for so long!! This clutch is perfect for any season, actually.. But it’d be perfect for the lazy BER months too, when you’re not worried about bringing an umbrella to school and just packing light, this envelope clutch would do you some good! Some of these clutches can even fit your laptop, so that’s an added bonus!

I’m over silver accessories as of the moment. I’m currently coveting on anything gold. I love how it matches with any outfit and adds that glimmer to anything plain.

This is a must, must, must! The staple oversized top that you can wear with leggings, or shorts, or a skirt, or even as a dress (if it’s big enough) Since we don’t really get winter weather here in the Philippines, we wouldn’t need woolly knit sweaters, so this oversized top is the perfect alternative. You can even wear a cardigan over it if you’re feeling extra cold!

Wonderwool Sweater

Last but definitely not the least is lipstick! Preferably in a shade of dark red, or ruby red. It brings out the white of your skin and is perfect for nude/grungy outfits. I just love red lipstick, I think it matches everything (even if a lot of “experts” would beg to differ) and this is my 8th pick for the BER months! It’s gonna keep your lips from chapping, too! But don’t forget to add that extra coat of lipgloss to keep ‘em moisturized even more.

I’m such a busy person and changing bags has always been a huge hassle for me. Well guys, our no-fuss bag is here! The carry-all is the new alternative to big and complicated bags. It’s today’s new IT bag! More than a 14 inch organizer to put your laptop, notebooks, pens and whatsoever, the carry-all is chic and definitely eye-catching.

Bid farewell to your tanks for a bit, the breeze is here! The knit sweater is perfect for the snuggle bed weather we’ll be having. My favorite is the grey one (not because it’s my favorite color) but it’s so neutral and easy to pair with ay color. It’s a whole new alternative to white tops! For knit sweaters, I really prefer loose and big ones. It can be worn a dress, just style it with a waist belt! Instant chic.

Floor sweepers, an old lady’s skirt- the maxi skirt has become an ultimate fashion find. Scour your mother or grandmother’s closet and you’ll surely find one of these! I was hesitant at first to try these on because fo my small frame but it’s actually flattering and gives my body type an illusion of longer legs.

Granny's Dress

Not a lot prefer to take a walk on the wild side with these dark yummies. BER months only mean one thing- you can don dark shades! It’s not an “emo” look to wear wine colored shades of makeup. Keep a simple look for your eyes and cheeks and wear dark lipstick for a shazzam! look. It will definitely level up your simple look.

Wind can be quite the problem sometimes, especially for me since I have really long hair. A wide or narrow brim fedora hat is my chosen solution for this dilemma. When you’re wearing a hat like this, you can keep your accessories really simple since the hat becomes a statement piece to your outfit.

Denim is last summer’s trend. Let leather take over your closet! Since it doesnt get too cold here in the Philippines, the leather motorcycle jacket is enough to keep you warm. Who doesnt want an extra edge? 😉

Many prefer the LBD or the LWD, I say go for the LRD. This screams HOLIDAYS. It’s bold color is so classy that you won’t need any other piece to make a statement. I’m actually opting to have a dress made in this exact design, it’s so simple and lovely!

We all need that pair of shoes we can pair with anything- from casual to a tad bit semi-formal event. These Jeffrey Campbell babies are actually a mix of subtle and edgy (for me haha). You can easily pair them with long or short bottoms, it doesnt matter. It’s perfect since it’s boots season now and these skyhighs will help you keep your feet dry. They’re your not so usual pair of black shoes.

Bike Short Black