Make 2016 more interesting with little art projects that will hone your creativity and keep your productivity in check! Something to keep your schooling and creative juices in balance.

  1. Project 365- The main idea is you take one picture a day. It can be something related to the happenings in your own world, or it can be something totally random. Check out Merphi’s, Maine’s, Maan’s,  Mare’s and Elisa’s photostreams for examples. It can also be Project 52 if you don’t really have time to take photos. Drawings can count as a photo, right? So it’s basically your decision if you want to do something else for your project 365, as long as you actually finish it.
  2. 100 Movies a year- Just as the title suggests, you should watch a hundred movies within one year. Expand your movie range and go indie or international! Writing skills can be improved as well if you manage to write a review per watched movie.
  3. Project calendar 2016- I just coined that term a while ago. Anyway. The whole gist of the project is you take a photo of a certain number, let’s say number 1 and then you’ll continue up to number 31 and make your calendar for January. February has 28/29 days (thanks for the heads up!) so you’ll have to take pictures of numbers 1 to 30. That goes on to December!
  4. Project the-world-is-gonna-end-next-year-so-you-better-plan-ahead- The title said it all. List down the things you wanna do before 2017 aka your bucket list. But of course this is just a joke, but it’s still something to make your life more exciting and lived to the fullest.


Any other projects you’re currently working on?

Edit: I had a slight typo. Sorry about that. February has 28/29 days. I can’t bend the space and time continuum.

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