Harris’s The Writer



Nothing helps so much as grabbing hold of a pen and a paper when a writer gets attached to gloomy thoughts, and more often than not, out of the artist’s depression, she pens down a beautifully written prose out of a blank page. Think oven-head-sticker Sylvia Plath.

In his latest work, London-based illustrator Justin Harris, makes use of different forms of media to create a series of illustrations titled The Writer. Each piece in the series showcases an assortment of color which spreads on the canvas, but the faceless figure remains in black and white. Harris presents a two-sided view on the inner workings of a writer—her ability to blow away others with her art, and the battle she faces on getting rid of her inner demons. The rather theatrical illustrations Harris makes draw a distinction between the writer’s cheerlessness against the cheeriness of the creative output.

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