Trends : Complete Guide to Buying a baby monitor


As your baby’s birth date nears, it is important to get all the important items which your baby might need soon after their birth. A baby monitor is one such thing which you will definitely need once your baby is born. So, what does a baby monitor do? A Baby Monitor lets you know what is going on in the baby’s room and whether your baby is any kind of distress or not. It would help you to sleep in your own room while paying attention to the slightest noise made by your baby. A good way to keep an eye on your baby when you are not in the same room. Other useful thing for baby care is convertible seat, check out convertible car seat reviews here. So, which baby monitor should you buy? This guide will help you determining which baby monitor will suit your purposes.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are three types of baby monitors:

  • Audio Monitors

As the name suggests, with the help of an audio monitor you can check up on your baby by hearing the sounds made by your baby. It includes a transmitter which is placed in the child’s room and which allows you to hear your baby easily.

  • Audio and Sensor Monitors

This monitor includes a transmitter and a sensor mat. The sensor mat is placed under the baby and it sounds an alarm whenever it doesn’t sense any movement.

  • Video Monitors

As its name says, this type of monitors allows you to keep an eye on your baby from your own room with the help of a camera.

Features to look out for

  • Frequency

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a baby monitor is that it uses a different frequency band than that of your wireless phone or TV. If there are more than one device with the same frequency band, then you might end up hearing more static from your baby monitor than the actual baby voice.

  • Batteries

Make sure you choose a monitor which can be easily recharged and won’t drain its battery quickly. You will be using the baby monitor for the most part of the day, you don’t want to end up changing its battery in every few hours now.

  • Night Vision

One of the best feature to look for on a video monitor, this will help you to check your baby even at night and when the lights are off.

  • Talk-back feature

Sometimes your baby can calm down by just hearing your voice and you don’t need to cross to their room for this, just choose a monitor which comes with 2 transmitters and allows you to talk to your baby from your own room.

  • Temperature Sensor

This is a great feature to have which will help you in determining whether your baby is too cold or hot. If it is not an appropriate temperature, you will know and you can adjust it accordingly.

  • Video Baby monitor size

Many Video Baby Monitors come with a video screen which is too small and not able to show you your baby properly. Always go for a monitor which has a proper screen size which will capture your baby entirely and not in half parts.

  • Sounds and lights

Another important feature to pay attention to, make sure your monitor comes with a sound and light feature and alerts you whenever your baby makes an unusual sound or movement.

  • Low-battery indicator

Since you are not in the same room as the baby, you won’t know if the monitor’s battery is full or almost empty. A low-battery indicator will come handy in such cases and will help you in avoiding a situation where you run out of battery without knowing.

  • Out-of-range Indicator

Sometimes you might not be in the range of your baby’s monitor and this might prove a hindrance to keep an eye out for your baby. Make sure you choose a monitor which lets you know if you are too far away from your baby to hear him/her now. If you don’t have this feature then you would hear only static when you are too far off.

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